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Product Detailed
Diode laser treatment machine compound doubl-wavelength (808/650nm) Relieve pain Detumescence Anti-Inflammation

Therapy principle:

Synthesis Semiconductor Laser Therapy Equipment adopts laser beams to treat diseases through photochemical, thermal and electromagnetic effects on organisms in addition to stimulations.

 Treatment effect: 

(1) Strong analgesic effect

(2) Wound healing

(3) Anti-inflammation & anti-infection 

(4) Regulation and balance


It is suitable for dermatology, pain, rehabilitation therapy, burning, endocrinology, stomatology and so on.


(1) Dermatology: skin ulcers and wound infections, and herpes zoster, neuralgia, eczema, herpes simplex, contact dermatitis, nerve inflammation, deposition dermatitis, boils, carbuncle, erysipelas, alopecia areata, pressure sores, psoriasis, burns, scalds, etc.

Pain and physiotherapic rehabilitation:

(2All kinds of pains in neck, back, waist, leg, lumbar disc disease, joint pain, acute and chronic soft tissue injury, acute and chronic lumbar sprain, lumbar disorders, neuralgia (nerve headache, sciatica & trigeminal neuralgia, etc.), facial paralysis, frozen shoulder, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, ligament inflammation and so on.

Other diseases: surgical incision, wound, fracture pain, acute ligament sprain, endocrine disorders and so forth.

Technology parameters:

 (1)Using semiconductor GaAlAS as light media materials whoes output laser beam with the wave    light which was stable,monochromatic,directional and coherent.

(2)Adopts full digital circuit design, power output accurate and stable . With laser tube over-current protection, troubleshooting tips, hum alarm and laser tube instant surge in jeopardyProtect function, can effectively protect laser tube, prolong the service life of laser tube.(3)First laser can rotate 320° above,  adapt to the site with large area illuminate extensive; Stents activities range of big, can be in any position balance to dock, clinical convenient operation.

(4) For 808nm / 650nm wavelengths in the human body best absorption window to human tissue within the deepest penetrability is good, can reach 7cm, therapeutic effect is remarkable.

(5)Illuminate area: disc probe: 7850mm - 57400mm; Pen type head: flare diameter: 3mm.(6)Non-invasive external radiation, no trauma, no pain, easy to use, flexible operation.

(7) Time: 0-999s optional choice.

lluminate way:Ulcer surface, wound direct illuminate MTRP pain area illuminate meridians illuminate muscle attachment point illuminate stellate ganglion illuminate

Attentions:Do not put laser beam shooting forbidden according to pregnant women lumbar abdomen eyes a light allergy and hemorrhagic disease patients disable neonatal, infant banned tuberculosis disable late-stage cancer with caution

Product parameters:SL100B

Exquisite innovation design and manufacturing process, fashionable appearance, excellent performance and easy operation collection in one machine.Full digital secondary voltage circuit, the power output accurate and stable,  multi-detector option , can choose pair of big probe. Technical parametersLaser wavelength (808 ± 10) nm / 650nmLaser power rating: (0-500mw) the x8is adjustableIlluminate area:574cm²

Showing the way: LED/LCD display

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